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In the valley of the Serra del Montsant is located La Plantadeta, our main vineyard, which is facing the northeast. It has an area of 12 hectares of vineyard, and about 6 ha of forest with a height of 80 meters.

It was purchased in 1927 by Jaume Sabaté Alentorn due to the necessity for producing more grapes, olives and nuts. La Plantadeta was and remains the largest vineyard of La Vilella Baixa. The vineyards “La Plantadeta” have an average of 40 years, except for one part which has 100 years.

Recently we have enabled a new area to replant five new terraces, with capacity for 850 White Grenache, small grain Muscat and Muscat of Alexandria.

We apply respectful techniques to the plants and soil, and we grow them on glass and arbor. We expect until the proper maturation of the whole grain of the grape and its skin, with the right concentration of polyphenols and sugars.

In "La Plantadeta" we grow varieties such Grenache, Mazuela (Carignan) and Cabernet Sauvignon for red wines, and Grenache, Macabeo and Muscat for whites.

Coordinates of the state:
41 ° 13'5 .60 "N
0 ° 44'58 .14 "E